photo collaboration v 1.0

The lovely V was the first to connect with me about doing the photo collab. She gave me permission to use any writing in her blog (which you should definitely check out here, because her writing is perfectly touching, and I plan to use her writing for more photo ideas).
I chose this one because  I was once engaged to a boy who constantly was writing music for his little solo project, and all the lyrics seemed to be about someone else.. and when I had asked him about it, he said it was just made up stuff.. I was always trying to look for myself in his songs (because after all I was engaged to him, I thought he was in love with me) and I never found them. I found his ex girlfriend in most of his songs instead. It was an awful feeling.. and I hope you never feel that way.

V's writing: 'in the midst of all the fighting i forgot to tell you how beautiful your story about montreal is. i keep reading it over, trying to find traces of myself but they aren't there.
i keep reaching all around me, trying to find traces of myself but they aren't there.
i hope you never feel this way'

Please click on the image to see full size.


V said...

aaahhh!! thank you. this is wonderful. i love it so much.

V said...

i absolutely love it.

kirkland said...

I love this.