A brief break to be able to focus.

(This is my bedroom window. I share it with a boy, as if this isn't obvious.)

I finally am done with work for a few days and will be able to work on some photo stuff, as well as etsy stuff! I have been working on the computer all day, so this will be short.

I am super excited for everything that is going on in March. I was super lucky, and was able to sign up for the Indie Business 2.0 course! It is going to be such a great adventure, and I hope to meet some awesome girls along the way. 

We have had a ton of rain today.. but it left me with this... and I am not going to complain...

Much love.


kirkland said...

You and your blog are adorable! I am also super excited to be taking the indie business class! See you there :)

V said...

so pretty!


All the best in the course!
March is always wonderful~ my birthday month as well~ ehem!
;) wink*