I HAVE to share this!

I stumbled across this band last night, and I can not get enough of them. This song gives me the chills, and the video is super clever.

And I think the girl is just DARLING. The band is called La patère rose, and all of their songs I've heard so far are excellent. They are from Montreal, where my new friend V is from, have you heard these guys  V?! 


lydia. said...

i love this video so much!
and i'm now wishing i'd paid way more attention in french class. :(
seriously, so cute.
thanks for sharing, girl.

V said...

hey! i have never heard of them, but i know of their label. the guy in the other room looks so familiar to me. he looks like he might be an old friend of mine with whom i had a falling out, makes me sort of sad.

i'll definitely check them out some more!