today was camera day

I brought the ol' camera to work tonight to shoot some of the restaurant for the site. But, regular photos get boring to take sometimes.. so I went on my own tangent. I think they turned out pretty neat. 
A friend of mine always posts some really cool photos, and I asked her what she shoots with. She has a Praktica LTL.. so I went to ebay, and found a Praktica MTL for super cheap.. so hopefully I win the bid! 

I forget how much I love photography sometimes. 

I started my Cultural and Social Anthropology class on Thursday.. I have already learned so much just in the 3 hours of the first day.. I can't wait to share some of the interesting things I discover in this class. My professor told us that when he took this course when he was in college, he had so many life changing epiphanies, and it also was that class that made him decide to further an education in Anthropology. 

Also, Adam and I went to a park to eat our lunch today, and these two dudes were playing Disc Golf... (don't ask, I had never heard of it)... and they were so funny.. at one point, on of the guys just screamed out.. "HOORAY FOR EVERYTHING!"/
I have decided to try and make this my motto. 

much love.


Chelseabird said...

Sounds like a neat camera! I hope you win it!

What restaurant do you work at? Somewhere downtown?

Glad that you're enjoying your class already! Hope it continues to get better.

Oh, and I LOVE your new motto! What a great saying.

<3 Chelsea

kevi/rae said...

Chelsea, I work at Local Breeze on 4th Ave and Filmore. It's where Palatte used to be!

Isn't that a great motto?! Thanks random man in the park!

and, I did.. I won the camera! Now the worst part.. waiting for it.
Have a beautiful Sunday pretty girl!

Tillie said...

Your photos are just beautiful dear, and that is awesome that you are enjoying your class, i did something similar in college and i loved loved loved it!

Tillie xoxo

V said...

these photos are so appealing to me, i really love them!

do note that north american standard film doesn't quite fit into a praktica, you have to force it in, and there's usually some tearing but you can make it work. mine can be sort of temperamental. if you don't win it, i would suggest any old nokia or canon. both would be a good call, too, and you won't have to worry about lost work. so long as you know how to work with film iso and aperture, you can get the neat, grainy effect. feel free to ask me any questions about the camera!


V said...

wow... i meant Nikon. i think my need for a new phone caused a Freudian slip!


kirkland said...

That class sounds amazing. I'm thinking about going back to school in the fall and I can't wait to take interesting classes like that.

Ps those photos are wonderful

rachel! said...

ahh. i love the pictures. and that you enjoyed class. had a picnic. and "HOORAY FOR EVERYTHING" haha. that's awesome. more joy like that needs to be spread around! and yay for indie biz! it's so hard to keep up with the community and everybody, but i'm glad i found your blog! i liiiike it. :) are you doing the chat tomorrow? i found some stuff in your shop that i am seriously thinking of buying once i get some money...! good job already getting started! are you just getting more insight w/ indie biz?