vegan item review

So yesterday, Adam and I went to Green which is a vegan restaurant in Tempe, Az.. Every time we go, I always want to buy something from their little market, and I never do.. Well this time, I decided to snag a box of Mac & Chreese to satisfy my love for mac and cheese. (Adam wont eat it because he says it reminds him of Ton-Ton insides (you'd know this if you are a nerd too))

You will need :
a box of Mac & Chreese (available here)     
Soy milk
vegan butter, I use Smart Balance LIGHT (it is the only vegan one of the Smart Balance)
and a pot of water

Same steps as regular M&C, very simple to make. 

It may look a little weird, but it tastes GREAT! I really enjoyed it... I added sriracha to mine, because I am addicted to it, but even without it, the Mac & Chreese was delicious. 
There are some B vitamins and nutritional yeast in the "cheese" powder, so it even has some healthy additions. :) 


Chelseabird said...

Oh I love the little Market at Green! That Vegan Mac & Cheese sounds amazing. I think I need to try it out sometime!

¶ Michelle said...

I love mac & cheese :D I love making it and this time I will try your recipe!


Kristy said...

Ryan and I are definitely hitting up Green when we go to PHX. It's because of Green that we started making buffalo "chicken" sandwiches ALL the time.

Anna said...

Your header is funny :)


MeeshOne.Love said...

Mmmmm! Mac & Chreese! I thought it was "Mac & Trees" for the longest time, my boyfriend would always just make it for us and I never took the time to actually check out the box! Ha! But it totally made sense to me...I also thought the first time that the pasta would be in little tree shapes...what a disappointment. ;)