How it started, how i almost fucked it up, and how i am going to make it better.

My best friend (who turned out not to be such a great best friend) and I went to a cute little place to eat before she left me for 2 weeks to go home to Michigan. When we walked in, there was a boy standing at the register taking the order of someone else, and a girl at the empty register. 
So we were forced to go to the girl to place our orders.

The whole time we were trying to figure out what we wanted to eat (since neither of us had ever been there) I caught this fella behind the other register looking over once or twice. Now when I first saw him, I wasn't immediately smitten with he looks... he is a VERY handsome boy, dont get me wrong, but that is not what first caught my attention. 

I cant even explain what caught my attention, because it was an emotional or spiritual connection I felt with the boy behind the counter. SO after ordering, Sarah and I went to a table, and waited for our food to be brought to us. And guess who brought it out...... the boy did. 
He made small talk, and of course when he walked away Sarah pointed out that I was blushing, and I kept saying how 'I had to do something', even though I am a huge chicken. Towards the end of lunch, the boy brought a plate out to the coffee bar, and sat down and took a bit. 
I knew this was all being set up for me.. by fate, or.. whatever, so I got the balls and took out a little notebook I always carry around and wrote this.. ::: 
" I am sorry, but I have to.

Kevi (the girl in the blue dress)"

As soon as he walked away, I ran to the plate and slid it under, and grabbed Sarah's arm and RAN out of the restaurant. 

He ended up calling me a couple hours later, and I didn't make it to the phone in time. He left me a long message explaining that he was Adam from Soma and was flattered, and felt an attraction to me, but unfortunately was in a relationship. If I wanted to call him back I could call him back if I wanted to, and that he would love to hear from me. 

So I called him back, and we ended up talking for a little while, and found out that we went to the same school (just a couple years apart) and that we liked the same music, and knew some of the same people... but I told him that I didn't want to be that girl that talks to the guy with a girlfriend... so we didnt talk for about two weeks, when... 

My boss had told me that she ordered food from Soma and if I would please go get it... 

GOD DAMNIT.. the last thing I wanted to do was see Adam, the connection boy that I couldn't do anything about because he had a girlfriend.. 

Well he was the one at the register, and a HUGE smile came across his face when he saw me. 
He said to me, " I was going to call you when I got off of work!"

BULLSHIT, was, of course, the only thing that came into my mind. But instead I said, " You don't have to say that." 
" No I am serious, I was wondering if you liked baseball?"
"Um, I guess I like going to games... but not really on tv/."
" Well I was wondering if you would like to go with my friend and me to the game tomorrow night"

I told him I didnt know (because in my head he was still with that girl) and that I had to get back to work.. 

So a little later he text me asking if he could come to my work and explain the situation.. and I said yes. Turns out him and this girl have been off and on for quite some time, and he didnt want to tell me that when we first met because he wanted to make sure it was completely over before he starting hanging out with a new girl.

We went to the game, and have been together every single day since. Its been a little over a year. 

this is getting long, and my fingers hurt, and i have been throwing up all day, so tomorrow i will finish

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