What to do.. what to do..

I have pretty much always done what I wanted. I am fortunate enough to say that. But I am getting older and things are changing, and I really need to figure out what I want to do long term. I am starting to feel more strongly about school but which way do I want to go.. I am interested in so many things, I can't seem to really figure out what to focus on primarily.
Graphic/ Media Design?
Nutrition? (I have become growingly more intrigued and interested in nutrition and healing)

I would also like to go to school full time, but this would put a burden on my financial situation. People have advised me to get student loans to live on, but I honestly would prefer not to put myself into more debt when I am so close to getting out. blahhhh!!!

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MeeshOne.Love said...

yay you're back! i totally went to school for nutrition and loved it! if its something that you're interested in then go for it. i am not an rd or nutritionist but i use what i learned everyday. just check out what it entails...i was suprised and a little disappointed when i learned i had to take a whole lotta chemistry. but i think about going back to finish it all the time! follow your heart sister!
i change my mind all the time, and i honestly think thats perfectly fine...who wants to be one thing forever anyway? ;)