a life story in 24 hours.

Today, Adam and I went to Green for some lunch, which of course, was excellent. The we stopped off at Savers, and I got 2 pairs of shorts, both of which happened to be from Old Navy. I have since been sitting online all night.. on a Friday. Because I am that awesome. 

While we were at Green, I reached into my wallet and found this... I have never been to Afghanistan...

                        (pardon the silly face)

So a while ago, I had posted about a project in my 2D class where we had to write our life story, but we couldn't take more than 24 hours to do it, and we had to at least write for an hour. The more detailed we got, the better the grade. I just found mine again, and decided to post it on here. I realized after writing it last semester, that I have (had, or am still working on) a co-dependence issue. After the initial introduction to my life, the story starts to be about the boys I dated.. rather than who I was, and I realized after writing it, that I need to focus on ME. 
So my next life story.. I will send it into a different direction. 
I HIGHLY recommend this project to anyone, even if you don't show anyone. It's pretty revealing to one's self how you categorize things and which events you share because you found them important. 

Here is how you do it. You can take breaks from writing, but you can not exceed 24 hours of writing the story. If you want to be vague, at least write for one hour. Post it if you are comfortable, or keep it safe to go back to one day. 

I am somewhat nervous about posting this... but, ultimately, I learned from it, and it has helped me to realize where I was weak.


kevi/rae said...
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V said...

this is fantastic. so honest.

I would do one, but I am afraid of the result.


Brooke said...

What an excellent idea!!