what a week.

dear lord, I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with me! Lately, I have just been getting in these trances where I am miserable, and for no reason. Everyone makes me angry or I just get super quite.. and nothing neccesarily sparks it. It's starting to worry me, because I definitely don't want to be a drag to be around. When I am in my normal or good moods, I am great! But these creepy trances must go! 
For Lent, (I am not Catholic or believe in any religion per se, but I like the idea of Lent) I am giving up drinking. This is going to be challenging as my job and everyone I am with is based around drinking. (Which seems somewhat sad, saying aloud.. or typing) 

Anyway, we hosted a Mardi Gras party at my work.. It was a lot of fun.. I wore some crazzyyyyy false eyelashes, and the other girls got all dolled up as well... 

Adam's birthday was on Saturday, and we went to yoga, then took a nap, followed by a delicious dinner at Blue Nile Cafe, which serves some amazing Ethiopian food. After dinner, we went to the Jack's Mannequin/ fun. concert. And dare I say, fun. is by far my favorite band of 2009, and in the lead for 2010. 

goodnight little lambs.

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