I am beginning to think..

On my Silk coffee creamer, the top of the carton says, "Shake well & smile often". I love that. In fact, it did make me smile! I have been feeling really stuck lately. I don't know if it is Phoenix, or the time of year.. but I am just blah. I have been thinking about quitting my job, and forcing myself to be creative to make money. Whether it be on etsy, or.. freelance stuff.. I don't know, but there is a lot that I am not able to do because of work, and feeling drained when i am done. I actually really dislike the people I work for. They are ignorant, a little too playful with the female staff, and really just... I don't care for them. But I need to make a certain amount of money every month, as do most people and I am just not sure I can do that without a 'real' job.



CupcakeSniper said...

Man, thats is a toughie!

hmm...maybe on your free time spend all that time making enough to sell and see if you make enough profit to pay off what you need to pay off. Also you can try finding another job that still allows you to do what you love in the meantime while you're building your business, that way you are not coming home blah, finding it hard to be creatively inspired.
I hope soon enough you can just do what you love <3

Chloe said...

maybe you should try finding another job or go part time, so you can do your own work in the other half. thats a pretty photo, all the photos on your blog are beautiful.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

omg beautiful picture..

as for your dilemma.. sometimes it is best to do radical things and quit your job and go freelance and focus on your creativity and personal development. corporate jobs drain all your energy. I know all about it personally!