oh, yummy!

Today, Adam and I went to Green, which we haven't done in.... forever. As always, it was excellent. We also look forward to seeing what the special is going to be for the day since it isn't ever something that's on the menu. Today the special was a Big Wac, which was a vegan version of a big mac, and it was effing AMAZING. Afterward we went to the Antique Trove right down the street, and pretty much wanted everything in the store.
On Thursday, a few participating movie theaters are playing a Mystery Science Theater 3000! A friend and I are definitely going to be there.

There are a few prints I have been wanting for a while now... they look something like this.

(Kristy's husband Ryan Lower @ beautyislikeyeah)

(Sarah Blank @ sarahblank)

I am totally wanting to get all new (old) furniture for the apartment, but if we are going to be moving to sacramento sometime in the near future, I think I can wait. And as soon as I have money, I am getting these prints (hopefully).


danielle said...

Gosh I love Green! :) My friend Jen works there and posted a photo of that burger you spoke of and it looked amazing. I am hoping to come to Phx this upcoming weekend and I am exciiited to try that huge burger!


kevi/rae said...

It seriously was fantastic!
I love that place too, and it is good to see that more and more business is going through there!

Kristy said...

I could go for some Green right now. And I looove the Antique Trove. I could spend hours in there at a time.

Kristy said...

And when are you moving to Sacramento? That's exciting! Do you have family or friends there?

kevi/rae said...

We are probably moving at the end of the year. My best friend and her husband live there, and I really need to get out of Arizona!