She still counts the minutes.

I uploaded finally, the photos from the Sacramento road trip I took with Jeff at the beginning of this month.

Here is something from it.


Adam and I are making a few things for our get-togethers with our families. 
For my parents house we are making a vegan greenbean casserole and vegan pumpkin brownies which I found the recipe for here.

For his parents I made a vegan potato salad from Skinny Bitch, and also bringin' some of those bad boys ^^^.... 

Adam was away for the night last night and it made me really sad... it was totally weird being in a place that normally feels like home, but when you take the main thing out of it, it feels strange. 


Kristy said...

Those look delicious.

kevi/rae said...

They were totally delicious.

Easy to make too..

Try em!